About us

Trimar's history began in Thessaloniki in 1994 and with consistent and prudent implementation of its original vision soon succeeded in being one of the top importing companies in the field of interior design, serving an extensive network of 2500 partner points of sale in Greece and Balkan countries.

Since 2016, trimar has joined the YALCO Group, the largest household and professional equipment company in Greece, thus gaining synergies and new dynamics.

Trimar’s unlimited creativity, imagination and passion have been the ingredients for a new perspective in the interior design market in Greece.

Trimar expresses the perfect balance between high quality, affordable price & unique aesthetics. Trimar is a popular choice for a variety of design solutions and offers a fascinating shopping experience, creating a strong emotional connection. 

In trimar, we wish to be faithful to our tradition and heritage by dedicating our elegant and stylish products to the best price.